Daisy Douche Refill Pack (6 pieces)

by Boneyard Toys

SKU BY0403-06
UPC 666987004037

Refill Packs for Daisy POS Kit.̴Ì_ Packages of 6.

This douche adapter keeps you fresh as a daisy. The 1 piece threaded plastic nozzle fit most standard size water bottles. This must-have device is designed to fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack, for an on-the-go clean for those inopportune moments that sometimes pop up. ̴Ì_Just find a bottle of water, screw it on, and you‰ۡó»re ready to go! ̴Ì_

Ideal for travel, on-the-go, and everyday use. ̴Ì_You can be assured the Daisy Douche will get you through any unexpected opportunities that sometimes arise.

The 2.5‰ۡó? nozzle is made of smooth plastic with a large thread fitting for a non-leak fit. it has a comfortable contour tip with a one hole design. The Daisy also come with a sanitary storage/travel cap.

  • Fits Most Standard Size Water Bottles
  • Includes Sanitary Storage and Travel Cap
  • No Leak design
  • 2.5‰ۡó? (6.35cm) Plastic Nozzle

This product is safe with all lubricants, completely hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with sensitive skin. ̴Ì_

Care Instructions:
Wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water or toy cleaner. ̴Ì_Pat dry and allow product to completely air dry. ̴Ì_Store separately.

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