$12 William Higgins Pre-Condom Classics 12 Pack

by C1RB2B

SKU WHClassicsMix-DVD

Legendary director William Higgins, the pioneer of gay porn, set his film style in the 70's.  These are his masterpieces.  Award Winning boxes covers and collectable, classic titles to move at a higher price point on your DVD rack.  MSRP 24.95-39.95.

Check with your rep, we can always customize your mix packs from our 2500+ title library.


Legend of Kip Noll
Best Little Warehouse in LA
Class of 84 part 2
Young Olympians
These Bases Are Loaded
Malibu Days
California Summer
Hot Rods Young and Hung 2
Class of 84 part 1
Delivery Boys
They Grow Em Big
Printers Devils

Please be advised out of stock titles will be filled with like or better quality.

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