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Good Service - Circus of Books

Good Service

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STUDIO: Lucas Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Michael Lucas

CAST: Koda Gold, Asher Devin, Roman Berman, Bogdan Gromov, Alejandro Castillo, Andrey Vic, Stas Landon, Damon Heart, Drae Axtell, Dylan James, and Damien Crosse

When the Lucas Men are working away as blue-collar guys, they’ll always go the extra mile to provide you with “Good Service.” Lifeguard Roman Utkin takes a break to get his ass barebacked by Damien Crosse. Roman Utkin looses his wallet, so he tips waiter Damon Heart with his raw cock. Josh Rider services Andrey Vic’s uncut cock. And Asher Devin sucks and fucks with Koda Gold, Dylan James, Alejandro Castillo, Stas Landon, Andrey Vic, and Drae Axtell.

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