Bi American - Chi Chi LaRue's Circus
Bi American - Chi Chi LaRue's Circus

Bi American

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Thor Stevens

CAST: Anna Lisa, Brett Wilde, Collin Jennings, Jessica Jewel, Kayla Lei, Mark Slade, Regan Starr, Ricky Shore, Rick Ritter, Steve Shannon, and Taryn McKinney

It's back to the 1950's when made in Japan meant cheap and youthful sex was well, cheap and youthful sex!

Director Thor Stephans brings back the time when American pie, hot dogs and horny guys and gals are everywhere you looked. From the authentic diner to lover's lane, these American youths explore their hidden sexual desires with whom ever and where ever they want!


KEYWORDS: Masturbation and Jock

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