Chico And The Boyz - Circus of Books
Chico And The Boyz - Circus of Books

Chico And The Boyz

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

CAST: Junior, Carlos, Dj-D, Mike-E, and Ray-Chico


These papi’s from the street get down and dirty in four scenes of non-stop sex.

Raul Chico & DJ D are the first two guys to hook up in this down and dirty video.  DJ is kicking back in an apartment in Harlem which Raul Chico shows up and it’s not long before these two are sucking each other off and eating some ass. After getting his hole good and ready Raul shows DJ how to take it like a man. DJ grunts and moans his way through the scene until Raul decides it’s time for them to cum and then he splatters his load all over his fuck buddy’s chest.

Raul stops by to check on Mike-E at an uptown apartment and it doesn’t take much for Mike to convince Raul of what a good cock sucker he is. After getting his big dick good and wet Raul lays on the bed face down and spreads his legs wide so that Mike-E can give his sweaty ass the fucking it needs. Mike pounds away and from the way he moans like a bitch Raul loves every second of it.

Raul is chilling on his bed when Junior stops by and decides to feel him up. Raul’s not having any of it though and flips Junior on the bed so he can have his way with him. Junior knows he’s gonna get fucked so he just gives it up and tells Raul to use his ass, and that’s all Raul wants to hear because he goes to down fucking Junior until he’s rock hard and dumps a cum load all over his chest.

Carlos is about to take a shower when Raul stops by. Before the water ever gets turned on these two give each other a serious tongue bath. Then it’s in the shower they go and Raul goes to down fucking Carlos’ ass as the water pours all over them. After getting Carlos good and hard from all the fucking Raul wants his ass pounded too so he bends over to take on Carlos’ big fat cock.

KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Fetish, Black, Blow Job, and Masturbation

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