Class Of '84, Part 2 - Circus of Books
Class Of '84, Part 2 - Circus of Books

Class Of '84, Part 2

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STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: William Higgins

CAST: Greg Dale, Jeremy Scott, Benjamin Barker, Derrick Stanton, George Eastman, John Villiant, J.W. King, Karl Hansen, Kip Noll, Kyle Hammond, and Robert Prewitt

Jeremy Scott & Derek Stanton reprise their roles and this time are joined by freshman Kip Noll.  Once audience's saw Kip Noll's huge, rock hard, torpedo of a dick he bacame an instant crowd favorite.  All thanks to this newly remastered pre-condom William Higgins  Classic.

KEYWORDS: Twinks, Pre Condom, Muscle, Blow Job, and Jock

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