Dirk Yates Private Collection 10 Vol 15,27,37,39

by Dirk Yates

UPC 99121063

STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Axel Garret, Flame, Louis, Jack, Ron Taylor, Celia, Liz, Brad, Daniel, Kathy, Kris, Eddie, and Tighe O'Brien

This Dirk Yates Private Collection DVD contains four classic volumes from Dirks wildly popular series. That means hours and hours of military men getting off on camera just for you. This collection features hot straight military men in action with women, but with Dirk behind the camera you know the spotlight is going to be on the men.

KEYWORDS: Latin, Military, Bisexual, Fetish, Straight, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Uniforms, Caucasian, Group, Jock, and Amateur

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