Dirk Yates Private Collection 212

by Dirk Yates

UPC 631979032125

STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Tim Reynolds, Angel, and Kendall Clark

Dirk has been shooting hot and horny military men long before the Camp Pendleton Scandal. He gets these men to strip down and bare it all. Because it is never rehearsed, you can always count on these men doing what comes naturally, even with their fellow servicemen. Every last detail is recorded… including their conversations. Dirk’s Private Amateur Collections are home movies, unrehearsed and hot, just the way you like it. So sit back, get a load off, you’ll be amazed at how he gets these boys to stand at attention.

KEYWORDS: Private Collection, Military, Black, Muscle, 69, Blow Job, Anal, Masturbation, Caucasian, J/O, Young, and Jock

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