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All Worlds Video


Flesh And Blood

Flesh And Blood

STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Jerry Douglas

CAST: Ace Harden, Bryan Kidd, Hawk McAllistar, Jeanna Fine, Kurt Young, Steven O'Donell, Steve Pierce, Todd Stevens, and Linus Ford

Derrick, played by AVN award winning actor Kurt Young, shows up at the apartment of his dead brother, Erick, to go through his things only to find that his twin was gay and had a lover Kenny, played by Bryan Kidd. Kenny is very open and honest talking about their relationship and recounts when they officially became a couple… and how hot the sex was in a rooftop encounter where they first made love. As he comforts Kenny, Derrick realizes that there were a lot of things about his brother that he never new.

Kenny says that Erick always gave him the impression that Derrick was gay too. However, Erick’s vicious roommate Marilyn says that Erick was wrong about a lot of things… including Kenny who she thinks was involved in Erick’s murder. Marilyn also believed that Erick was straight and that they were going to be married.

Marilyn tries to convince Derrick that Erick was straight by telling him about a threesome that they did together once with a waitress. However, in a flashback it’s not a waitress that they brought home, but a hunky waiter, Hawk McAllistar, who Erick gets hot and heavy with as Marilyn simply watches from the sidelines. After sucking one another as Marilyn eagerly watches the waiter bends over to let Erick fuck him and put on a show for his fiancé.

It turns out the Marilyn was turning a blind eye to Erick’s extra curricular activities while she supported him financially as he pursued an acting career. Meanwhile Derrick ponders his brother’s mysterious double life, including the necklace Kenny gave to him and the ring that Marilyn got him. Lost in thought about his brother Derrick doesn’t notice that there is a mysterious person hiding under the bed in his brother’s room but before anything can happen, Clyde, played by Linus Ford, the building super shows up looking for something in Erick’s apartment.

Turns out Clyde was looking for a sex tape Erick had made of the two of them that we see in a flashback as Clyde sucks Erick off and they end up beating off together. After they cum though, Erick says that he’s not through with Clyde and that Clyde’s gotta eat his ass if he wants to fuck his hot ass.

After telling his story Clyde admits that he thought Derrick was Erick at first and that a part of him never believed that Erick was dead because of mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder. When Ace Harden, the owner of the building, shows up Clyde quickly takes off while Ace sticks around to explain that Erick was all things to all people. Straight, gay, whatever, and on occasion he would even run errands for the building owner.

In a flashback we see that those errands included picking up hookers like Steve O’Donnell and Steve Pierce on Santa Monica Blvd. for his leather play sessions. Things start out with Erick and Hawk taking turns peeling bananas and shoving them up the hookers’ asses while the two whores make out as their asses are filled to the limit. Hawk and Erick shove a pair of stainless steel butt plugs up the hookers’ asses and jack off as they watch the two of them 69. In the end, Hawk and Erich remove the butt plugs and fuck their boy toys until they cum.

Before going to bed, Derrick decides to shave off his mustache, and ends up looking identical to his brother. Horny from hearing all of the stories about him, Derrick sits back on the sofa and decides to video tape himself jacking off, as his brother frequently did. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger who had been hiding under the bed has emerged and is jacking off while watching Derrick video tape himself. Derrick hears a noise from the bedroom and when he goes to investigate he learns the truth about his brother’s murder and has a sexual encounter that he never imagined.

In the end, a huge life insurance payout leaves Derrick set for life but he wants one last taste of life as Erick so he organizes a memorial for Erick that turns into an orgy with all of the men in Erick’s life.

Behind The Scenes:

DVD Extras include a new interview with Kurt Young looking back 10 years on the filming of Flesh & Blood and commentary with Jerry Douglas the writer and director of Flesh & Blood.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Fetish, Straight, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Underwear, Group, and Jock

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