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Lucas Entertainment


Hard Hitting Tops

Hard Hitting Tops

STUDIO: Lucas Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Michael Lucas

CAST: Lorenzo Ciao, Gabriel Taurus, Ibrahim Moreno, Devin Franco, Rex Cameron, Alex Kof, Viktor Rom, and Michael Lucas

Lucas Entertainment’s cast of “Hard Hitting Tops” has one goal in mind: to fuck their bottom guys so good their eyes roll up into the back of their heads! Exclusive model Ibrahim Moreno makes his debut, and it’s riding the fat cock of Gabriel Taurus. Devin Franco gets his first taste of raw Russian meat, and it’s Alex Kof who delivers it. The king of rough and unforgiving macho tops, Viktor Rom, takes Lorenzo Ciao’s ass for a spin — let’s just hope he’s up for the challenge. And Michael Lucas breaks in Rex Cameron for his first L.E. scene. Would you be able to prove your bottoming mettle with these “Hard Hitting Tops”?

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