Marines Have Balls

by Dirk Yates

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UPC 631979115107

STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Alex Adams, Cpt. Stone Bone, Danny, Heath, JT Scott, and Mike O'Brian

Dirk Yates is a master at catching Marines in their true form. Every year they gather in San Diego for their annual Marine Balls. It̢‰â?ã¢s a night of honor, achievement and celebration. But what happens when the formal event comes to an end? It̢‰â?ã¢s time to head back to the hotel room and continue the party. Watch these real marines strip out of their dress blues and finish off the night man-on-man as they celebrate a night that happens only once a year with an explosive cum-filled ending.

KEYWORDS: Military, 3 Way, Anal, and Group