Pacific Coast Highway

by Catalina Video

UPC 802752501794

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: William Higgins

CAST: Jeremy Scott, Buddy Preston, Jake Anderson, Jeff Hunter, J.W. King, Kip Noll, Scott Anderson, Steven Richards, Steve Savage, Troy Richards, and Dan Rockford

Ultimate surfer dude KIP NOLL stars in this classic William Higgins Movie.  Kip's huge dick is a hit with all his beach buddies, and he's one dude that loves a good splash on his the face!  J.W. King, Buddy Preston & Dan Rockford are along for the fun.  It's High Tide on the beach and the waves are slamming!

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Twinks, Pre Condom, Daddies, Blow Job, and Jock

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