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Lucas Entertainment


Pump & Dump

Pump & Dump

STUDIO: Lucas Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Michael Lucas

CAST: Adam Killian, Jesse Vos, Javi Velaro, Derek Allan, Giovanni Matrix, Zander Craze, Logan Rogue, and Damon Heart

The Lucas Men are always ready for a good “Pump & Dump” and we have all of the incredible bareback sex caught on camera! Damon Heart fulfills one of his porn-star wishes and gets to roll around in the sack with Adam Killian. Derek Allan turns Zander Craze’s mouth and ass into his personal fuck-holes. Javi Velaro gets his ass thrashed by Logan Rogue’s uncut cock. And Giovanni Matrix makes Jesse Vos his barebacking bottom slut. Could you handle a “Pump & Dump” from one of the Lucas Men?

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