Return To Sunsex Blvd

by Catalina Video

UPC 802752084068

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Brad Austin

CAST: Chris Champion, J.T. Sloan, Marcus Caine, Matt Douglas, Max Stone, Mike Vespa, Perry James, Reed Parker, Rick Mathews, Scott Davis, and Zak Spears

Return to the sun, sex and scandal with Director Brad Austin as he re-visits the glamorous life on Sunsex Blvd. It isn't easy being famous and horny, but these 9 hot stars five the performances of their careers. Norman Desmond was a fading star of the old studio. Little did anyone know that he had a son with all the studly star-quality of his old man. Join Brad as he returns to the steamy side of Hollywood in Return to Sunsex BLVD.

KEYWORDS: Daddies and Jock

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