Sex Club Initiation - Circus of Books
Sex Club Initiation - Circus of Books

Sex Club Initiation

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STUDIO: Projex

DIRECTOR: Steven Walker

CAST: John Ross, Matt Bradshaw, Jack Simmons, Ryan Wagner, and Mike Cesar

A man's fantasies get the best of him when he visits a sex club for the first time. Stunned and curious, he watches ass paddling, a man chained to a big wooden X, hot wax dripped all over someone's ass and major fucking by huge dicks. Seeing all this is too much and he needs some action. The action he gets is from himself and it's amazing! This hunk filled video climaxes with Mr. Curious-sex-hungry, sucking his own dick and taking his own hot load.

KEYWORDS: Leather, Interracial, Rimming, Fetish, Self Sucking, Spanking, and Bondage

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