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Rascal Video


Stuff It In The Hole : Take One For The Team 2

Stuff It In The Hole : Take One For The Team 2

STUDIO: Rascal Video


CAST: Juniee Andrews, Javier Cruz, Nicko Styles, Christian Leal, Braxton Smith, and Mickey O'Brien

Scene 1: Braxton Smith and Javier Cruz are practicing for their up and coming wrestling match with their rival team. They both figured they would get a leg up on the other team if they had a friendly spare between each other, but a leg isn’t the only thing they get up. Things get a little hot and heavy as Cruz has Smith pinned to the mat and begins passionately kissing him. The match really heats up as their singlets slip off and the boys get down to fuckin’. Thank god the ref wasn’t there to stop this match anytime soon.

Scene 2: Nicko Styles and Mickey O’Brien are showering off after basketball practice. These two young, lean, and smooth twinks can’t help but notice each other’s bodies and begin to explore. Have you ever gotten out of the shower dirtier than when you went in? After working up a sweat during practice, these two young lads definitely needed a release, besides, what are team mates for?

Scene 3: Juniee Andrews and Christian Leal are hanging out in the locker room after baseball practice. The ace pitcher and the power hitter are left to clean up and leave. The sexual tension between the two best players have been heating up all season, and finally off the field they can try a few backdoor sliders of their own. Now this is a pickle every team mate can enjoy!

Chi Chi LaRue really takes one for the team in her sequel Stuff it in the Hole: Take One for the Team 2! This movie features jocks and twinks alike, Braxton Smith, Javier Cruz, Nicko Styles, Mickey O’Brien, Juniee Andrews, and Christian Leal. It’s always so nice to boost the morale of your teammates, especially when it’s with a hot blowjob or a hard cock up the ass! You won’t want to miss Take One for the Team 2!

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