Swallow - Chi Chi LaRue's Circus
Swallow - Chi Chi LaRue's Circus


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STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Josh Eliot

CAST: Brandon Wells, Dane Tarson, Eric Marx, Joe Romero, John Cruz, Justin Side, Kyle Brandon, Mike Nichols, and Tony Brocco

You know I'll let you take a taste. In fact, I insist. Take a sip! Because I love the warmth of a man's mouth making my head swim. But there's a sweeter place this cock belongs. Don't roll over and don't stop sucking. Have you ever had a cock in your throat? You know I can get there and I know you can do it. Just relax and breathe through your nose. Now... get ready to swallow.

KEYWORDS: Masturbation and Jock

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