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Catalina Video


Uncut & Raw

Uncut & Raw

STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: William Higgins

CAST: Adam Rupert, Borek Sokol, Dalibor Hlava, David Koral, Filip Cervenka, Jaro Grygar, Just Angelo, Kamil Jezek, Petr Kluk, Radim Hajek, Tonda Smolda, and Viktor Baco

Scene 1: Dalibor Hlava and Filip Cervenka wake the next morning after a night out. Filip walks in on Dalibor taking a shower, only to relieve himself of his morning piss. Filip starts to help dry off Dalibor and things get a little hot for these two smooth uncut twinks. Filip primes Dalibors tight hole with his tongue to prepare it for his uncut cock, bareback. They both take each other for a ride to climactic end with streams off hot cum. Scene 2: Borek Sokol questions Jaro Grygar if he’s ever experienced a boy before, and if he’d be willing to try? Without hesitation Jaro says no he hasn’t, but yes he wants to know what it’s like to be with a boy. Starting off with the usual pre warm ups, Jaro begins sucking on Boreks uncut cock, then with some lite finger play, until Borek is balls deep in Jaro’s tight boy hole. It’s clear that Jaro’s first boy experience will be one to be remembered. Scene 3: Just Angelo and Adam Rupert stretch and warm themselves up for a friendly wrestling match. Adam takes round one, but Just is only getting started. The hunky jocks spare for a few rounds, and by round eight they decide to make things a little more difficult by adding oil to each other’s hard bodies. Congrats to the victor, Just! His reward? Fucking Adam raw with his giant uncut cock. The two studs flip fuck and spurt cum across the mats. It was a hot and successful training day. Scene 4: An innocent game of cards turns into a hot game of real life hold-em, Kamil Jezek starts his deal from the bottom, and Petr Kulk calls his bluff and goes all in! These hot twinks start off 69ing and move right into raw bareback fucking. Hot beads of cum erupt from their uncut cocks as they lay on the bed spent. Scene 5: Viktor Baco nervously sits and answers Radim Hajek’s questions about ever experimenting with another man. “One should try everything” Viktor replies. The two studs make out for a bit, and unleash their huge uncut cocks from their jeans. They both start to slobber on each other’s cocks and get into the 69 position. Viktor is really enjoying his first experience with a man as he rides Radim’s dick with pleasure. Viktor explodes on his belly and is happy to receive Radim’s load across his handsome face. Scene 6: David Koral and Tonda Smolda begin their day by making a hot bowl of chocolate oatmeal for breakfast. They can’t seem to take their hands off each other long enough to finish, and David goes right for Tonda’s uncut sausage. Tonda fills David up right there on the kitchen counter with his raw cock. The two move into the living room so that David can ride Tonda’s cock better. They empty their nuts on David’s chest and finish passionately kissing. The extraordinary director, William Higgins, has returned! His latest film Uncut and Raw features 12 hot and uncut studs fucking completely raw on camera. You won’t want to miss this film, after 2 decades of being on hiatus, you better believe Higgins gave his all in this bareback fuckfest. Dalibor Hlava, Filip Cervenka, Jaro Grygar, Borek Sokol, Just Angelo, Adam Rupert, Kamil Jezek, Petr Kluk, Radim Hajek, Viktor Baco, Tonda Smolda, and David Koral fuck uncut and raw, and some for the first time with a man! You won’t be able to hold back when you watch this William Higgins hit!

KEYWORDS: Rimming and Twinks

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