Up Mine Up Yours - Circus of Books
Up Mine Up Yours - Circus of Books

Up Mine Up Yours

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STUDIO: Catalina Video


CAST: Brant Dickson, Christopher Daniels, CJ Madison, Jake Genesis, Russ Ryan, Erik Riot, Jason Phoenix, Razor Riot, Tate Ryder, and Trenton Ducati

Top? Bottom? Both? Nothing is as hot as a good Flip Flop Fucking, and these top Channel 1 Releasing stars show us what the word ‘fucked’ really means in some the most incredible sex scenes they have ever been in. Manly Jake Genesis, Boyish Russ Ryan, Hot lovers Erik and Razor Riot and our own C1R Exclusive Jason Phoenix getting dicked like they’ve never known dick before! Watch our latest compilation Up Mine Up Yours!

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