Weekend Liberty - Circus of Books
Weekend Liberty - Circus of Books

Weekend Liberty

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STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Devin Davenport, Mikel Karr, Rob Cryston, Kenny Stuart, Mike Martin, Travis, David Daniels, and Jack Wood


Dirk Yates shows us that sailors are a horny bunch, both on the high seas and off, as everyone in port soon discovers. Weekend Liberty lasts only 48 hours, and our boys make the most of every minute. In one sexsational encounter after another, they release the feelings and desires that have built up over the past six months at sea. No position is sacred, and no hole is left unexplored by the time this ship's horn signals the end of the raunchiest, sexiest, and dirtiest weekend liberty of all time.

KEYWORDS: Military, Blow Job, Anal, Uniforms, and Amateur

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