Wolf's Den - Circus of Books
Wolf's Den - Circus of Books

Wolf's Den

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Wil Parker

CAST: Anthony Mengetti, Dereck Bishop, Drew Andrews, Sweet Williams, Valentino Rey, Mike Cesar, and Anthony Vega

Filmed on location at the famous Wolf's Den leather bar! DEREK BISHOP stars in this leather sex fest where the guys order more than cocktails. They get each other's tails! Big dicked DREW ANDREWS gets worked over on the pool table by DEREK BISHOP. The hairy ANTHONY MENGETTI sexes it up with ANTHONY VEGA. MIKE CESAR and SWEET WILLIAMS can't fight the urge when they smell the leather. Full length raunchy fuck and suck flick!

KEYWORDS: Leather, Fetish, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, and Jock

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