Sales Reps


Kristin Moore (Brand Ambassador/Sales Rep Rascal/Boneyard Toys) 2006

Newest member of the Boneyard Toys team, Kristin has been involved with the industry at every level. Her career began as a retail sales associate, and has grown to store manager, buyer, controller, and now has eagerly embraced her role in sales and education as a Brand Ambassador and Sales Rep. The social butterfly of the Boneyard team Kristin loves to travel, enjoys being in the stores with her retail partners, and in front of the camera. In her off time, a true south florida girl, she can usually found on the beach or with her three awesome kids. 

Staff Pick:

"I fell in love with the Boneyard cock rings before I was part of the Boneyard team! I met Rob Reimer at an event in Dallas and of course I had to touch all his stuff.

The materials used for the Ultimate Silicone ring are Amazing! That soft touch injected silicone ring is like a pillow, and all I could think was how good that would be and feel as a bumper for a larger toy, or with a partner! Since I came onto the team I have gotten to touch and play with ALL THE TOYS! (That’s the best part of the job right?!)

I love our Spank Paddle, this would be my number 1 pick… I love the sound, and the feel of the swing.. it has great wrap around so you can leave that skull pattern ALL OVER yourself or your playmate! It is well-known, that when we have shows and you get Rob and I, I will be the one demonstrating the paddle! So for me my top 3 would be The Spank Paddle, The Ultimate Silicone Ring, and of course our Snapped Cock Strap, cause I can wear it as a wrist cuff in public and its my little secret!"

Devin Lopez: Sales Rep/Brand Ambassador
Devin is our jack of all trades... and the heart of our team. He has worked with Channel 1 Releasing in every department, always helping out where ever and whomever he can. It was this wonderful natural talent for customer service and that sweet disposition that led C1R to promote Devin to our newest Sales Rep and Brand Ambassador. In his spare time Devin enjoys working out, and is a FIRE hair stylist!
Devin's Pick:
"Being a part of the Boneyard team means that we all have a say or can influence product design… which means we not only get to build what we would like to play with... we know what’s coming out and anticipate trying all the new fun stuffs! One of my favorites is the Spank Paddle… I fell in love with this skull-emblazoned silicone paddle. Sensation play can be extremely intense and intimate. The silicone has that soft touch finish that is comfortable to hold, and gives one hell of a “WHACK”, you get that good sound. The skulls leave the pattern on your skin, and using ice or heat, or kisses and more after is a uniquely pleasurable sensation!
You HAVE to try this!! If you can handle it!"