• Kristin Zuri: Director of Sales

    Industry veteran, Kristin joined Channel 1 Releasing in 2020, and it instantly felt like family to her. She brings to the team years of adult novelty experience, and having served at the retail level for 10 years she understands what her accounts need from her to better serve their customers. She is passionate about the products and industry, and her team. In her free time Kristin enjoys the beach and her kids, and has discovered a love of traveling in her time as a brand rep.

    Kristin - East Coast Rep.

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  • Devin Jude Lopez: Designer/Sales Rep/Brand Ambassador

    Devin is a multi-talented professional excelling as a designer, brand ambassador, and sales representative at Channel 1 Releasing, a leading adult toy company. Known for his creativity, helpful nature, and sweet demeanor, Devin brings a unique blend of artistic flair and business acumen to every role he undertakes. Whether crafting innovative designs, representing the brand with enthusiasm, or driving sales with exceptional interpersonal skills, Devin shines in every department. The dedication and passion for his work make him an invaluable asset to the Channel 1 Releasing team.

    Devin - West Coast Rep

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