Skwert Aroma Topper POS Kit (6 large - 6 small)

by Boneyard Toys

SKU BY0428
UPC 666987004280

The Skwert Aroma Topper is an ABS plastic flip top that converts popper bottles into a single handed open & close cap. It comes in two sizes, small and large, and fits most brands on the market. It's incredibly easy to open and close with your thumb and features a nose cone that makes it easy to fit to your nostril. There is a click sound that indicates to the user that the cap is closed so you can avoid spillage and odors which reduces the chance of ruining your sheets or clothing. 

The single handed design creates the perfect environment to use during intercourse since it is attached directly onto the bottle and you don’t have to worry about finding a small cap that can be easily lost after removal. The packaging features a circular sizing system on the back of the packaging that lets you match the bottle up to the circle to know your size.

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